Cunty Nerbert

short. crazy. likes to sing. likes to whip.


C in mail portraitCrest

This is Cunty’s new tattoo in honor of the Party. As a Barding Cavalier of the Dragon Order, Cunty is totally devoted to the members of the Party and is sworn to protect them and defend their honor WHENEVER it is called into question! She got really drunk after shitting in the evil frog-lady’s mouth and went out and got this badass crest tattoo’d alllllll over her back. Each item in the crest is significant. The crossed great-axes represent Anarne and all of her cleaving bad-assery. The smoke-colored cat in green mask represents Felix the Rogue as she is agile and cunning and sneeeaaaakyyyy. There are multiple fists arranged over a whirlwhind to represent Del and the power of her flurrious fists’ many blows. A hand displaying the “shocker” gesture in front of a burst of energy with lighting bolts flying from the fingers’ and thumb-tips represents the mighty sorcery power Freya commands. The crossed swords are representative of our piracy and the image of the dog of course represents Cunty’s beloved mount, Barkley.


Cunty was born with rich parents. They left her an inheritance when they died when Cunty was only 2. She’s scrappy, and not too smart… remember when she tried to trade silk with the local merchant having purchased his same silk down the road in “Silklandia?”

However she’s good with a whip, and merry with her jukebox incantations inciting all those around her to ACTION! Be it rough and ready, or tender loving, she can really hump your medium sized calf.

Cunty Nerbert

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