Deladis "Del" Blair Tauranor


I grew up in Champion’s District. My mother is a former mercenary and my father was once a member of Champions Watch, often participating in Arena events when he was younger. My two older brothers have followed in my father’s footsteps and are also now members of the elite city watch.

It became clear as a young child that I was a bit of a misfit in my family of weapon-wielding warriors, but my parents supported my unique path. I am one of few who still worship Aroden, an immortal Azlanti who raised the Starstone and became a living god. I also worship Iomedae, Aroden’s former servant. I very much identify with my family’s roots, carrying on the tradition of meaningful tattoos (from which one can read aspects of my life).

Three years ago I fell madly in love with a handsome captain and married him. I traveled with him for a time, but when his crew mutinied against and ultimately killed him I was left utterly alone. In my grief, I attacked the primary mutineers and took control of the ship, manipulating the crew to go back to Sasserine. I now reside near my family in Champion’s District.

Deladis "Del" Blair Tauranor

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