Phelim "Felix" Blackwood


I grew up in Shadowshore and spent a lot of time hiding and scraping by. Fortunately, I never had to kill anyone in my youth as I used my abilities to work my way out of situations instead of into them. My mother was a member of the thieves’ guild and notorious for her ruthless nature and devil-may-care attitude. She loved me dearly. My father was absent for most of my childhood and met an unfortunate end smuggling dangerous animals into shadowshore to sell on the black market.

These days I live in the Market District. I found that instead of scheming and thieving, charm was the better weapon I learned as a kid. I’m cunning, athletic and good at gaining others’ trust. Leaving shadowshore was no easy task but I managed to slip into the market district and hide among the everyday common folk. My mother taught me the basics of thieving and I have become incredibly adept at picking locks. Almost all of my crimes have gone unnoticed.

My many conquests of the ladies of Sasserine. My most notable trysts are with nobility namely Lady Anwyn Arabani – I have been her most secretive suitor and most often called upon. But despite my casanova background, I have achieved status outside of my charm and seduction in the gladitorial challenges in the Champion District. My weapons of choice are usually daggers and short swords (dual-wielding). What I lack in armor and force with my weapons, I make up for in speed, agility, and ruthlessness.

Phelim "Felix" Blackwood

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