Shefton Rosk

A half-elf smuggler


A nervous-looking half-elf with messy black hair, a ragged suit of leather armor, and dirty hands. Also known to sport a dagger in his back.


After unsuccessfully asking around town as to the whereabouts of Vanthus, the party was contacted by Shefton Rosk. A smuggler by trade, Shefton had dealings with Vanthus in the past that went sour and recognized him paddling out to the supposedly deserted Parrot Island. After following Vanthus to the island, he spied the wayward Vanderboren descending a trapdoor into the abandoned smuggler’s tunnels beneath the isle. He has offered to lead the party to the trapdoor he saw, for a price!

It turns out, the price was his life. Shefton was killed by Vanthus Vanderboren, who sealed the party into the smuggler’s tunnels beneath Parrot Island.

Shefton Rosk

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