Vanthus Vanderboren

Lavinia's missing brother


A handsome young man with a short beard.


Vanthus Vanderboren, son of Verik and Larissa Vanderboren and younger brother to Lavinia Vanderboren. Vanthus grew up in Sasserine alongside his sister until he was sent off to work on a plantation outside of Bloodcove. According to Lavinia, upon their reunion back in Sasserine a year ago, Vanthus had changed from the fun-loving brother she remembered to a bitter, cynical man she hardly knew.

The last time Lavinia saw Vanthus was shortly after their parents’ death. After several arguments, Vanthus struck his sister and stormed off. Lavinia had thought Vanthus fled from Sasserine, but upon reopening the Vanderboren Vault, she discovered that he has stolen nearly all her family’s wealth. Determined to talk some sense into her brother, Lavinia has employed our party to track him down and bring him to her.

After fruitless days of asking around town, the party has been approached by a half-elf smuggler named Shefton Rosk, who has offered to lead them to Parrot Island, a small islet down the coast where he witnessed Vanthus sneaking off to. After the party descended the smuggler tunnels beneath the island, Vanthus stabbed Shefton in the back (literally) and sealed the party in the zombie-infested caverns below.

Vanthus Vanderboren

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